Gurbaksh Williamson

Gurbaksh, along with her family left the Punjab (Northern India) when she was 15.  They arrived in New York, and decided to make the City their home.

Gurbaksh, her two sisters, brother, and parents lived together in a one bedroom apartment.  They didn’t mind though – back home, multiple families lived together in one house.

For two years Gurbaksh attended a school for new immigrants.  She loved school!  Gurbaksh met kids from all around the world.  The only thing she didn’t like about school was the food.  Especially, this food called pizza – it smelled nothing like the food she was used to! (but loves it now).

Unfortunately, her happy days in school came to an end when something awful occurred.  At the time they did not understand what was happening.  The two tall buildings were gone, and there was smoke everywhere.  They were too scared to leave the little apartment, so they just huddled together glued to the TV – wondering what they should do.  They decided to move far away from this as possible.

Gurbaksh’s two sisters were quickly put into “arranged” marriages (Gurbaksh was spared because she was the youngest).

The remaining four moved to California.  Gurbaksh worked two jobs to help the family.  She worked mornings and afternoons at a Dry Cleaners, and nights at a fast-food restaurant – Jack in the Box.

Gurbaksh really excelled at Jack in the Box.  She went from a regular crew member to General Manager in just a few years.  She also met her future husband who was in management with Jack in the Box.

The experience was so valuable in developing her business mind and shaping her customer experience philosophy.