For nearly six months, Gurbaksh and her husband researched and surveyed the market. They discovered there was quite the variance from shop to shop:

  • Some had good customer service – but most did not.
  • Many had talented ”Threaders” – and some did not.
  • Some locations were clean and comfortable with a nice atmosphere – but most did not.

Their first studio is in Lincoln, Ca. Here they will put the plan and philosophy to test.

Atmosphere: A comfortable, modern/contemporary design. In the rare occasion that one has to wait for a few minutes – guests can enjoy a bottle of spring water and a chocolate in our lounge.

Staff: All of our employees are certified on-location in our Lincoln studio. Even experienced Threaders complete a six week certification program in techniques and guest service.

Customer service: Gurbaksh refers to her customers as “guests”. While keeping service professional, the interaction needs to be a relationship.
Gurbaksh believes spending a few extra minutes getting to know her guests, and giving them complete attention. Listening to them. Gurbaksh says: “We must accept feedback as a valuable gift. We want to earn their next visit”.